Understanding the Variations in Metal Building Kits

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20 Jul

Understanding the Variations in Metal Building Kits

There are two different kinds of metal building kits, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated. Pre-engineered sets will often fit together in a number of different ways whereas pre-fabricated is a basic one design kit. Both will arrive at a construction site ready to erect with the minimum of effort for construction workers.

Metal is better

Metal building systems are the best you can get and are so much better than other materials in terms of durability and weather resistance. There are also other factors at play which makes metal the best choice.

Time is often a constraint that the building industry is up against. Pre-engineered or pre-fabricated buildings arrive ready to assemble immediately and can be put up fast, much faster than when using other materials.

Metal also keeps the cost down. Because it is easier to assemble the amount spent on labour is less and also because it is self assembly lower skilled workers can be used who will be paid less per hour than their more skilled counterparts.

Quick and cheap, but without compromising on quality is the kind of construction that brings smiles to the faces of bosses and in fact this kind of construction can be up to 60% cheaper than other methods.


Metal building systems allow expansion where necessary. If a building needs to be increased in size it can be as simple as removing an end or side wall and attaching a new frame to the existing model. And it can all be completed quickly.

It can withstand weather like no other material, even hurricanes or earthquakes pose little problem for the structure.

And due to its fire retardant nature, metal buildings can be up to 40% cheaper to insure.

Environmental advantages

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Environmental concerns are growing and more sustainable materials need to be used. Many metal building systems are made from at least in part recycled steel. A 2000 square foot building needs the equivalent amount of steel that could come from six scrapped cars. The same size structure in wood would use 50 trees, so it is definitely an advantage.

Metal also has a longer lifespan and will not need replacing with new material as quickly as a wooden building which means using fewer resources still.

Steel is also much more energy efficient when it comes to heating or cooling of a building.

Whether pre-engineered or pre-fabricated, steel building kits are the way forward in construction.