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21 Nov

Racing cars in detail by F1 chief engineer

The chief engineer of the Marussia F1 Team, Dave Greenwood, explained why the engineers of Formula 1 constantly disassemble and assemble racing cars, why the car cannot be used as an ordinary car and what determines its speed.

In the world championship “Formula 1” in 2013 his skill was once again proved by the pilot of the Red Bull team Sebastian Vettel, ahead of the nearest rival Fernando Alonso from Ferrari more than 150 points. Ahead – next season, new pilots and other rules – in the championship in 2014, for the first time will be used 1.6-liter turbocharged engines.

The directors of some teams F1 are sure: the new conditions give a chance to lagging stables to break into the top ten, however for this the engineers of the teams will need to sweat. The chief engineer of the Marussia F1 Team, Dave Greenwood, told us about the device of the car, the prohibitions in “Formula 1” and the transportation of the sports car to different continents.

1. If ordinary city cars are designed for traffic on roads with different coverages, then in a racing car everything is designed to make it go on a relatively smooth track on the verge of adhesion to the surface – that’s why you cannot go for food on such a car. And if the behavior of the first depends only on mechanical adhesion to the road, then for the car “Formula 1” the main thing is aerodynamics.

2. All the cars of Formula 1 weigh at least 642 kilograms. The machine has more than 100 sensors, which read about 1000 data channels: for example, longitude, width, height above sea level and so on. The maximum speed that a race car can develop varies from 290 km / h in Monaco to 350 km / h in Monza – depending on which settings of downforce are set.

3. The speed of the car and controllability is the main thing that engineers constantly work on. The first figure affects the clamping force of the car: it should be as high as possible on corners, and on straight lines, on the contrary, it should be higher. Another determining factor is the tires: we always need to be sure that Pirelli tires are optimally matched to weather conditions. In addition, the correct distribution of the weight of the machine plays an important role. If you talk about the engine, then during the race you always need to use the maximum power – then the result will be the highest. And, of course, do not forget about the safety of the pilot in the car.

4. Just like from time to time we look for new casinos online, from race to race, we change the basic settings of the car – on different tracks you need to differently adjust the suspension of the car for better mechanical grip with the track. True, we do not have such a big “field for activity”: the regulations of “Formula 1” is full of prohibitions! In general, they relate to various rider-assist devices, such as “traction control” – a system to combat the slip of the driving wheels. But there are also those that regulate the dimensions of various aerodynamic surfaces, as well as the operation of all active systems of the car. Other bans are related to the limitation of money: for example, during the Grand Prix one pilot can use no more than 8 engines, and the gearbox must be used 5 races in a row.

5. During the race, we inform the pilot of strategic information about the race: how far ahead and behind are the remaining cars, how many sets the pilot drove on the current set of rubber, etc.

6. The weather most influences the behavior of the car: humidity, air temperature and atmospheric pressure strongly affect the grip of the car with the track, the maximum speed of the car and engine power.

7. Practically all the working time of the mechanics is spent completely exploring and assembling the car to exclude the hidden damages of the car. In addition, engineers are trained to conduct pit stops as quickly as possible and get acquainted with new technical developments, which then spend time training the pit stops, and also get acquainted with new developments that are introduced on the machine from race to race. However, all this takes place between racing weekends. From the beginning of the Grand Prix to the end of the Sunday race, we can change only a set of tires and replace the front fender in the car – the regulations prohibit doing any other changes in the car.

8. Formula 1 races are held in different states, on different continents, and therefore the car and technical equipment must be constantly transported. For “near” European races, we use special, custom-made tractors and vans – so we move everything from the base to the track and between the tracks. This creates a somewhat homely atmosphere for the team. For “distant” races, which take place on other continents, we are forced to more carefully plan logistics. Several identical sets of equipment are added to containers and sent by sea to the country of destination in advance, sometimes even 3 months before the race. This allows you to significantly reduce costs. At the same time the car and key equipment are moving to the next race by plane – this allows us to always be on alert.

25 Jul

New Ideas Into Racing Cars Construction Never Before Revealed

Racing Cars Construction Explained

The axle is mounted straight to the frame, hence the only suspension is reached via the tire. The chassis is generally the very first portion of the car to be built, on account of the period of time needed for cure. Backbone chassis is a sort of an auto construction chassis which is similar to the ladder design.

Custom made scooters are employed in such sports. Not all the cars are constructed to the exact same specifications. Fast electric RC cars typically have a fairly good selection, several hundred meters readily, and a battery life which allows for a significant lengthy moment. Their trucks are also affordable in contrast to other major truck brands. In both situations these cars are somewhat more appealing in person than they’re in the magazines. Today, 99% cars produced within this planet are made from steel monocoque chassis, because of its low manufacturing cost and suitability to robotized manufacturing. When deciding to race or allow your kid to race, make sure you’ve got proper motorcycle insurance.

The Fight Against Racing Cars

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There’s absolutely no such thing as the ultimate system of construction for every single vehicle, because each vehicle presents a different set of issues. Relatively straightforward construction provides the hard-tail some distinctive characteristics. The correct equipment is vital to opening an automobile shop. Contemporary technology enables the designers to make prototype parts readily, quickly and accurately. The plan procedure is a path of evolution to boost strengths and eliminate weaknesses, all with the purpose of developing the best F1 machine on earth. Since minute changes can impact the circulation of air across the whole outermost layer of the auto, the aerodynamicists must prioritize their ideas. When buying a trailer, it is necessary to look at all your options prior to making a last decision.

No compromise was done on the character of the wheels utilised in the bike. Achieving the right balance of performance, reliability and weight calls for a methodical strategy. The body was designed and we are in the practice of making the plug. The form of the vehicle is chiefly determined by NASCAR rules. Having support from various other gamblers who wish to acquire better can be an important part of your recovery.

The very first is the dearth of rear suspension. It requires time to find only the perfect things for your child’s room. Schedule your day in an extremely structured way so that you do not own a lot of spare time. Decide that for this 1 day you are not going to gamble. Make a determination on a particular day when you wake up that you aren’t going to gamble. This technology you are able to find today in some simple car racing categories.

There was a lot of interest in the auto together with the overall Merloy Project. A lot of money is saved with these caravans. Think about exactly how bad it feels when you drop a bundle. With the shortage of suspension, the upfront expenses of building is going to be reduced. Nonetheless, the rates are not simple to beat. It’s likewise among the most dangerous, on account of the high suicide rate that is connected to it.

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25 Jul

The New Angle On Race Cars Just Released

What Is So Fascinating About Race Cars?

The car is prepared for the alignment. These cars are perfect for two passengers, and extra cargo. They are generally made of basswood. They are known as CO2 dragsters. They are generally more expensive than standard sedans. These sorts of cars can either arrive in coupes, hatchbacks, or sedans. Some were developed to be regular street cars that anybody could drive.

Nitro-powered vehicles are simpler to refuel and can go back to action inside a few seconds unlike electric powered vehicles which will need to eliminate the shell to modify batteries. This method will set your vehicle to a specific height. You are able to personalize the vehicle by putting stickers in accordance with your likes and preferences. You can search for different approaches to decrease your vehicle. Sports cars should have precise handling and distinct layouts are employed to be certain that. They are automobiles that have the ability to generate high top speeds. You would hardly find a sports car that doesn’t sport aggressive stickers.

Race Cars for Dummies


The former year had car counts which were double and at times triple. It’s going to be a fantastic calendar year. It happens once annually, usually during winter.

Don’t expect to run the whole race at the same pace it simply doesn’t happen like that. Until you’ve completed a race, do not have any idea where you’re,’ Sharp says. In addition to these, there are various different races and events that cover the full span of the nation. In addition the ride may be harsher. It turned out to be a quick trip home and some essential rest was awaiting me. Whenever you are driving on the street at full power there’s a lot of fresh air that surrounds and cools the whole vehicle, and you need to do what you can to recreate a number of these organic conditions when you perform your tests. Take into consideration what sort of traffic you’re driving in.

The mass of the vehicle will inversely alter the velocity of the vehicle. Relish your vehicle and discover the best price on the insurance policy coverage you demand. Consumers who mean to employ services from car transporters may start looking for shippers who focus on race cars, traditional and collectible cars or loads that have many vehicles. Sports car manufacturers also have looked to enhance fuel efficiency and decrease prices to improve popularity. When you have chosen a manufacturer who’s offering a very good selection of race trailers for sale, the next thing to do is to get familiar with the types of trailers which are available out there.

NASCAR has been more than only an expert sport in the USA of America. These days, stickers for cars have come to be the most recent trend, especially among young folks who own race cars. Should you not wish to put stickers and decorate your vehicle at home, you can take it to the decal store and receive the task done according to your requirement. Car stickers are necessary if you want to provide your automobile a distinctive and personalized appearance. All sorts of car stickers are getting to be an extremely preferable gift option, and consequently they are offered in a bulk of gift stores.